Our Shows

Wake up Bangladesh

Starting your day with a much needed talk about self care and a blast from the past, this show is perfect for those on-the-go commuters. Interactive sessions on lifestyle and motivation paired with frequent traffic updates, it's just what you need to begin the day on the right foot!

Mid Day Feels

Brunch time=Best time to talk about healthy eating and meals that are good for you. Alongside the best workout and exercise hacks, this show offers special advice and will tend to all your questions and queries about leading a healthy lifestyle!

Fatafati Afternoon

Food, Fashion, Beauty and all things great! Tune in to hear about the latest gossip alongside ideas of the hip new events, which restaurants to visit and the must-have food in town. If you’re lucky, maybe even get your favourite songs to be played in the request hour.

Shondhar Showdown

The grooviest tunes in town and it's perfect for the drive-by commute back home! Tune in to hear the latest updates in the music world and tips and tricks on how to beat the traffic. Also get a weekly chance to hear some fun and friendly chit chat with the best musicians in town!

Music Buzz

The one and only show in Bangladesh that is simulcast on two mediums, transmitted live at the same time on Dhaka FM and Ekattor TV! Hosted on air by the great RJ Jewel and on TV by the very popular musicians- Alif Alauddin and Farsheed Alam, this show is the best thing for music lovers while spending leisure time at home on the weekends.

Bhalobashar Bangladesh

Gaining massive popularity in all parts of the county, this show features sensational love stories that is bound to melt your heart! The show also focuses on the struggles of every-day life faced by the common man, with high amounts of listener interactivity and special advice.