Weekdays Shows

BOOM 90.4

“Boom 904” is a show where the listeners gets happy hardcore beats, and the daily waking up song that encourage our listeners to get out of bed and to start a jumpy morning.


Busy time, busy talk. Not any theoretical and serious talk, more fun, more gossip, more hit music around the world.


It’s all about tips& tricks which blended with FUN. Life Hacks Will Simplify Your Life.


You need a comfortable and energetic vehicle to return home after a long day of hard work. Dhaka Metro 9040 is a real dose of re-energize. The one and only LESS TALK MORE MUSIC radio program near YOU!!

Weekly Shows

Jibon Golpo

“Jibon Golpo” or Life story, this program is all about the happiness, sorrow, improvement, success, failure, love, hatred i.e. ups and downs of life. And we believe every event through the life makes people aware in many ways.

Platform 904

Hey singers and music lovers!! Platform 904 is all for you. It is such kind of a show where an underground band COMES at every week to show their talent through this program.


Yes, game is like the name!! Funky Friday is a show for you to cheer and gear up your lazy dizzy Friday afternoon. There is nothing can feel good than that.


Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. So, Get together yourself to travel with "TOTO COMPANY". An Insider's Guide to Travel: News, Tips, Information & Inspiration.

Retro Reloaded

“Retro Reloaded” our special show is being designed to make you nostalgic and bring back your happy moments. Retro Reloaded plays all the hit songs of Bengali, Hindi & English from the decades of 60,70,80,90 & Y2K.

Hawai Mithai

Hawai is the one who is very chilled, cool minded & Mithai is the sweet and soft hearted girl. The show will be based on their funny talks, reading letters from listeners etc. All over it will be a funny & entertaining show which will make your Saturday colorful.

Sporty Eve

“Sporty Eve” is a show with full of entertainment along with sports and food info. If you are looking forward to some unique, food of the town and to get the news of sports then “Sporty Eve” is waiting for you at Saturday 5pm.


Check out the sounds of the biggest names & rising stars in EDM! Dhaka FM MIXTAPE brings you a fresh new guest mix every week. Featuring sets from the world's biggest DJ's and the hottest in new rising talent of Bangladesh.

Bhalobashar Bangladesh

Bhalobashar Bangladesh with Guru Ehtesham aired every Thursday from 11 PM - 1 AM. The main concept of this show is SOMOSSA NOY SOMADHAN CHAI. Not just relationship matters only people faces lots of difficulty in their life Guru Ehtesham will try guide them how to handle the situation and what's kinds of steps they can take so that they can prevent this.